Sunday, 11 May 2014

Post 13 : Outsourcing / Offshoring

          This cartoon takes place in the Cayman Islands, mainly known as it is a tax haven : a country where taxes are set at a very low range, or even don't exist. On the island, we can see Mitt Romney, who ran for president in 2012 against Obama, who actually won. Romney is digging a hole in the sand in order to bury his own treasure, his money, so he doesn't pay any taxes. He is explaining the benefits of outsourcing and off shoring in a very explicit way to a couple of people who are sitting on a boat that has written 'Believin' in America' on it. They seem to be very excited about what Granpa Mitt is telling them, and they say that he should be president. In the background of the cartoon, we can also see two other islands : Bermuda and Switzerland, who are also known as tax havens. This cartoon criticizes in a very ironical way multiple things : how politicians and important figures in the economic background are involved in illegal and scandalous actions concerning money, but also how people are blind and still want them to stay as politicians. 

         This second cartoon shows two business man, as we can imagine, that discuss what they shall do make more benefits. One of them proposes to offshore to another country, and seems scandalized as he explains that the 'folks' wanted more than jobs, which he assures they offered thousands. The other guy asks what they wanted, and he replies 'getting paid'. The other is even more scandalized that the first. The cartoon itself is very simple : the drawing consists on just the two business man, with the text. That's all, but we can imagine that the author wanted us to focus more on the meaning of the cartoon than the pictures. At the bottom, it says : 'Simply explained, Part 10 : offshoring'. The cartoonist intends to explain in a humorous way how the business men deal with things, how they think, and, what is way more scandalous, is the greed that they show all along the cartoon. The benefits of offshoring are also that you can use cheap workers from another country, so you don't pay them as much as your local workers. Nevertheless, it seems that they would like to make them work for free... 

          In conclusion, we can say that these two cartoons have a very similar meaning, the message is quite the same : greed has pushed us into doing things such as offshoring and outsourcing in order to make more benefits, thanks to the cheap working conditions of the workers abroad, and because you don't have to pay the same taxes. These two cartoons can be related to the notion of 'Spaces and exchanges', as they tackle the idea of economical exchanges, and dividing companies, outsourcing them into different spaces throughout the world.

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