Tuesday, 10 December 2013

POST 10 : Into the Wild

This movie deals with the theme of nature, where a young man starts a new life in order to disconnect with our society. We could relate this to the notion of spaces and exchanges, as nature is a different space in which the human being is not normally pleased. We can relate this as well with the theme of myths and heroes, because we can interpret the plot as an actualization of the myth of the good savage that consists in associating an uncivilized men with a good soul and good intentions. He can be also considered as a hero, because, like many other heroes, he has a quest and lofty goals. Finally, this movie can also be related to the notion of progress as this movie deals also with the excessive ways of life that we are living in our society, and all due to progress. This is the main reason why this young man leaves the civilized world. 

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