Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dusty Early Morning

          As this is a free post, I decided to talk about something special : Dusty Early Morning. This is the name of the album from my Blue Time Blue, that is ready to be published. 

We are not really a band, because we are only two members : my friend Erik Da Silva (guitars and vocals) and myself (guitars, bass, vocals, and production). But as we are not able to play more instruments, we had some special guests to play for the album, such as a drummer, a sax player, two singers and a piano player. 

This project comes from back in 2011, when Erik and I met. We started doing some music just for fun, but we both wanted to compose our own stuff. Besides, we have a lot of music tastes in common, so that made it all really easier. So we've been working on this project during two years, until every song was ready to be recorded. We did the drum takes in April, but we didn't really start recording until this summer. At the beginning of September, I mixed all the songs and did the last takes. There we go. 

       Recording the drums.

The D.E.M. record is composed by 10 songs, and has a length of 33 minutes. The genre of music is not quite well defined, as it is a mix of progressive rock, with influences of alternative rock. Its sort of making new stuff with old one. 

A really important aspect of this record is that it is a concept album. We could even say it gets close an opera-rock because of the story which has a beginning and end, with characters and a setting, but its not as long and complex as Pink Floyd's Wall or The Who's Tommy.

Setting up for the recording sessions...

This is basically the story of Dusty Early Morning...

1) The Crimson March :

The story starts with a flashback of the end of the story (the second part of the last song is a reprise of the Crimson March). It is basically an invitation to the march that the characters are living, as they are trapped in the desert. 

2) On the Way :

Here is where the story starts. Its a band going on tour, and they're full of joy and hope. But the plane crashes in the middle of a desert, getting all the members lost in different places. They will have to face themselves, their fears, etc...

3) Dusty Early Morning :

It is the awakening of one of the members that describes the landscape and expresses the fact that he is completely lost. 

4) Dreaming With Flowers :

This song talks about a girl that is overwhelmed by isolation and drowns herself into the river of some oasis.

5) I'd Like to Join You Too :

One of the members describes seeing the girl getting herself drown b the waters, and says that he would actually like to join her because of the difficult situation. 

6) Monster Under My Bed :

The monster is a metaphor of all the fears that the characters could be experimenting, but in the end, the monster is only in their head.

7) A Brighter Sun (Part 1) :

This is a song of hope where the character asks the sun to lead him, instead of hiding himself behind the clouds. 

8) Les Braises :

This song does not really make part of the story. It starts with a speech of Allende, right before he gets killed by a bomb. This is follow by a succession of bass tracks that increase the tension of the song to symbolize the horror that Chile live at that moment. 

9) Walk Under the Rain :

Getting back to the story, it starts to rain. So the main idea is to 'let the rain take it all away'. 

10) A Brighter Sun (Part 2) :

The album closes with an instrumental song, that as I said before, is a reprise of the Crimson March.

D.E.M. should be released in December by the Cd Baby corporation, and sold on iTunes, Amazon, etc...
Here can be heard the first song the album.

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